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What's Next - 2014 Plans // erineflynn.com

All these bloggers are sharing their plans for 2014 and if they’re business owners they’re just SO psyched and ready to go! Me? I’m really just wanting to turn my brain off for the next two weeks or so and worry about 2014 when it gets here. The thought of planning out my year right now just exhausts me. I have ideas, and some fun projects lined up, but honestly I just want to stop thinking about it for a few days and relax. But I know my brain won’t let chill out me until I at least jot a few things down. So here we go, my plans for 2014.

EEF Designs Website/Blog/Newsletter

  • Keep updating my business blog with useful tutorials
  • Release some freebies like WordPress themes to my newsletter subscribers
  • Give EEF Designs a bit of a makeover (same brand, cleaner website)

Passive Income

  • Keep promoting my e-course
  • Create a freebie e-course to get people into my sales funnel
  • Make $500/month in passive income by July
  • Find another source of passive income?

Web design

  • Work with some awesome B-Schoolers and make killer websites
  • Possibly lean more toward development projects?

Erin Blog

  • Keep blogging about my life/self-employment
  • Bring back monthly goals
  • Start doing monthly income reports


  • Take some advanced coding courses
  • Learn how to edit videos better


  • Go hiking a LOT
  • Get back in shape
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Get enough sleep
  • Visit Colin in Germany???

I’ll figure out how I’m fitting this stuff into my calendar later, but I feel like this is a pretty good start. For now though? I’m outta here, for at least a week. I just need some downtime! See ya soon!

Happy Holidays!


    • says

      Yeah, I’m just tired. I think the constant stream of “what are your goals for 2014???” in my inbox and feed reader is just getting to me. I feel like I got harassed to the point of having to write some goals down! I love setting goals, it’s just been overkill lately. January 1st really is NOT some magical date, as much as everyone likes to think it is. You can set goals at any point!

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