How to update your internal URLs

How to update internal URLs

This happens often with client websites. When you merge a business website and blog from separate URLs together, old links in blog posts, attachments, and pages may still be pointed at the old domain name. Although you can do a redirect on the old domain to the new one, it’s better to have everything updated to the new URL in case the client ditches ownership of the old domain in the future. But you definitely do NOT want to go through every post and change every link, so here’s what to do instead!

Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin updates:

  • Links in pages, posts, and revisions
  • Attachment links (for images, documents, and other media)
  • URLs in custom fields and meta boxes
  • URLs in excerpts

I’ve used this plugin numerous times for client sites–I love how easy it is to use, and how quick everything gets updated. It’s not just for new domains–if you move WordPress to a new directory or subdomain you’ll need to update your URLs as well.

You can download the Velvet Blue Update URLs plugin here, or just search for it from your WP admin.


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    I wish I had known about this 6 months ago! I had to individually check and change all my links when I decide to rebrand and consequently change my domain. It was painful, to say the least.

    • says

      I’ve done that before too, before I knew this plugin existed! It’s definitely a pain! You might still consider using the plugin to search your site for anything you might have missed!

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        That’s good to know! Ill definitely be adding it to the long list of updates and tweaks I need to do before the site is half decent!

        Thanks again for all the tips! Your blog have always been so helpful!

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      Well, anytime you change your URL you’re going to lose SEO juice from the old domain. But if you don’t update your internal URLS, you’re going to continue giving SEO juice to the OLD domain and not building it on the new one. What I recommend after changing domains is to make sure any internal URLs are updated (both to build up the SEO on the new site and to keep you from having to own the old domain for 10 years), and to make sure any external links to the old domain are redirected with a 301 redirect to the new URL. This article break it down pretty well!

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