The #1 question every designer asks me

How do I get clients?

Can you guess what the number one question I get asked is? It’s not about what platform to use, or how to create WordPress themes…

The #1 question I am asked is, “how do I get clients?”

If you haven’t noticed, we’re in an INSANELY saturated field.

There are thousands of designers, and anyone with a blog and a hacked copy of Photoshop thinks they’re a designer nowadays.

It’s honestly kind of ridiculous, and impossible to compete.

Which is why I don’t. Instead, I network with other designers, get referrals, and THAT is where I get my clients. (I also get some from hanging out in small business communities–and that’s a great place to look too–but nowadays, most of my new clients are actually referrals from other designers)

So yup, I’m gonna keep this post ridiculously short and simple, and tell you to stop competing with every other designer out there, and start networking with them.

That way, when you get a project that’s not up your alley, but is the perfect fit for Designer X, you can pass it along to her, and she’ll likely do the same when she comes across a client who is a better fit for you.

What’s the number one question YOU get asked?


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    I loooove participating in communities and networking; it’s how I’ve found a lot of my contracts, and how I’ve found folks to subcontract out work to when I have overflow!

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    Totally agree, I love helping others out and passing on work to other designers I know that would be more suited. When you have the mentality that there is enough to go around then you will be far more abundant. Collaboration to me is more important and personal relationships. Great posts and awesome site thanks

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    I totally agree! I think there’s more than enough room out there for lots of freelance designers and developers! It’s similar to picking a hair stylist or a wedding photographer — you have to hire someone that you “click” with in terms of personality and style, so there’s plenty of room for all of us! I wish there were more networking sites for freelance designers/devs … I have yet to find one I feel totally comfortable participating in.

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