Taking a birthday break!

Taking a break // erineflynn.com

I’ve been struggling to come up with blog posts lately because I’ve been CRAZY busy with  B-School and client projects. I’m trying to restructure my WHOLE business, so I’m not even sure that the topics I had planned months ago even make sense anymore.

So I’m taking the rest of this week off blogging as a birthday present to myself (my birthday is tomorrow!), and so that I can figure some stuff out. That means I’ll be back in April with new goals, an income report, and all that good stuff!

But right now I’ve got four projects to wrap up and some red velvet cake to eat. Yum.


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    Happy birthday! My birthday was last Wednesday and although I didn’t take the week off from working and projects, I took it easy, and I am so glad I did. Enjoy your break!

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    Happy belated birthday Erin! I hope you had a good one and enjoy your days of recharging and eating cake. We all need a break sometimes. I look forward to reading your posts again soon! xo

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