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I’ve been tweaking my services lately, and adding some new ones! As I’m phasing out design work (except for projects I’m REALLY excited about) I’ve re-worked my Services page to reflect just a few offerings.

Now, I’ve got one listing for design, and one for development, and I’ll see how that goes instead of the package breakdown I had before. I’m finding most of the clients I really enjoy working with need more customized packages anyhow, not just a “blog” or “website” package. I do like packages in theory, but will give this a go and see how it works.

Web Design

I love to work with creative small businesses to make functional websites that sell their products and services!

I’m not a cookie-cutter design company who just churns out designs without giving any thought as to what would work best for your business–instead I take the time to get to know you and what your business is all about, then build a design and website based around your goals for your business!

Because I’m cutting back on design services, I’ve only got SEVEN slots open for web design this year. If you’re a small business owner and you want to work together to make an awesome website to sell your products and services, let me know ASAP so I can get you scheduled!

Web Development

Are you a designer who loves to design but isn’t too keen on that coding stuff? Maybe we should team up! I dig working with talented designers who want functional WordPress websites for their clients!

I’m making some time in my schedule to chat with designers and see if we’d work well together! Please drop me a line and we can Skype!

consulting & mentorshipI’ve tweaked my new Consulting & Mentorship page. I’m currently accepting just TWO designers for my Hold My Hand program, so if you’re interested, let me know! I’m still working on my group mentorship program, but you can get on the list if that seems like something you’d be interested in! It likely won’t be launching until late summer or early fall though, so for immediate help (and a discount when the group program launches) the Hold My Hand option is the way to go!

Pick my Brain! (one hour)

Have a website but it’s not converting? Running a design business but feel like you’re lost?

Let’s chat! I can tell you what’s working and what’s not on your website, help you figure out action steps to take to boost your business, and help you sort through sticky situations. First you’ll send me an email with topics you’d like to discuss (and any relevant info I’ll need!), then we’ll chat for 60 minutes via Skype or Google Hangout, and afterwards I’ll send you a PDF with action steps to take so you can start (or continue) kicking ass! Get in touch!

Hold my hand! (two months)

Having trouble with your biz? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have someone to review your work, bounce ideas off of, and remind you to eat lunch?

I can do that! I know what it’s like to feel completely lost in starting your business, and am happy to help you avoid making the same mistakes I did when I was starting out. Each week we’ll chat for 60 minutes via Skype or Google Hangout about just about anything you want–whether it’s a design you’re working on or a client you’re dealing with. When needed, I’ll send you action steps to take, links to resources to help you out, and funny cat videos to brighten your day. Let’s chat!

Have any questions about my new services? Let me know!

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    How exciting! I love that you call your two month service hold my hand. It’s sort of catchy! Yay for new services and I hope clients come swarming in!

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