Money Rebel!

Erin E Flynn featured in Money Rebel

Hey! I wanted to let you know that I was recently honored to be interviewed for Money Rebel Magazine! Mindy emailed me and I had no idea what Money Rebel was–and then I checked it out and got all flustered and flattered that she wanted to interview ME for such an awesome magazine!

So what’s a Money Rebel?

Awesome women who are bucking the status quo and rewriting the rules when it comes to money–and living their lives. We’re not going to be told how to live and how much we can earn, we’re going to forge our own paths and make our own destinies!

I was honored to share this issue with Cori Padgett (Big Girl Branding) and Kate Byrne (Betty Means Business), two women I admire and feel like are totally rocking their small business dreams! These ladies are seriously talented and their interviews are great!

Wanna read the interviews? Click here to subscribe and read it for free!


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    I subscribed, and was really inspired reading all of the interviews. It’s just nice to read about successful real women who are making it on their own and pursuing their dreams. I hope I can be one of these ladies someday soon :) Great interview!

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    Congrats to you, and what an awesome sounding site. Even from a personal, non-small business standpoint, money talk isn’t super abundant, at least not *real* talk, from what I’ve seen, and I’d love to see something similar for personal finances :D

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    Congrats rebel, so awesome! I love that you share your income reports. I started blogging a few years ago because I wasn’t seeing honest personal financial discussions, at least among bloggers I was following. It’s scary to share salary, debt, etc but it’s liberating too. This magazine looks great!

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