How to make editing text widgets easy

How to make text widgets easy for clients

This plugin is one of my favorite WordPress “secrets”–except that I tell everyone about it that I can, because it’s great. I’ve listed it on my recommended plugins before, but I just can’t stress enough HOW much easier this plugin makes adding and editing sidebar content.

By default, WordPress gives you a “text” widget, which you can use to add images and text with HTML. Fine for developers, but pretty difficult for anyone else who wants to add or change sections in their sidebars. So I use this plugin on almost every website I create–and I even use it on my own websites, because why make things harder than they have to be?

Black Studio TinyMCE gives you a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) widget you can add to your sidebar–and then use just like the post editor! That means you can easily add images, format your text, and see how it will appear in your sidebar before you hit the “save” button. Watch the video to see more, and download the (free) plugin here (or just search for it through your WordPress admin)!


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