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What’s your dream job? For me, I want to work from home and make pretty websites. It’s as simple as that. I like being my own boss, and I like seeing how my work translates into income. I hate being stuck at an office all day.

I really don’t spend that long on the internet just playing around (unless I get stuck on Pinterest!), so even a job with a lot of downtime and internet access isn’t that appealing. I prefer to do a job, and when I finish, that’s it. If I can do it in 4 hours instead of 8, then I shouldn’t have to sit around (or drag the project out) for 8 hours because those are “work hours”. I want to go home when I’m finished!

Working from home means that I can do this. If I have something to work on and I can knock it out in the morning, then I can spend all afternoon doing whatever I want! I love it!

Of course, it also means that sometimes I end up working late or on weekends because I wasn’t able to finish something that fast. It’s hard to say “no” when your office is in your living room. Once I get a little busier I plan to actually implement “work hours” so my evenings and weekends are free. I don’t know how well this will really work, and doing web administration means I may very well have some weekend repairs and emergencies from time-to-time, but for the most part, I’d like to “be available” for normal work hours, and do my work inside of those hours, but if I finish early, it’s playtime!

Here are some recent work-from-home related things I’m loving:

What’s your dream job? How would you like your work schedule? “Normal” hours? Night owl?

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    My dream job is working from home as an artist, a photographer and a personal blogger. That is all I really, truly want out of a career. So I can be with my wife all day (in the past, we always worked together – now she’s on disability and can’t work!) I also REALLY want to be a night owl worker – I do best and feel best from sundown to sunrise, so that would just be perfect for me.

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