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This video quite accurately describes what it’s like to be a designer.

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Stress Less and Impress – I signed up for this! Super excited to use this course to help streamline my new business (since almost all my old processes are no longer relevant).

Small Business Bodyguard – is on sale for $50 off with promo code ICON until Monday night! If you haven’t protected your business legally, you need to get on it! I love SBB for my terms, disclaimers, and contracts. Legal shiz doesn’t have to be boring, in fact, SBB makes it pretty fun. So cover your ass!


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    Love that video – someone in an e-learning community I participate in posted this a few weeks ago, and it accurately describes ID work as well :P

    Also loooooved the magical world of snails – Joe sent this to me last week and became obsessed with the idea of macro photography!

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