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Are you ready for more business ramblings and talk about how I still need passive income? I know, I know, it’s all I ever talk about. Tell me to get my ass in gear and make it happen! Seriously, I apparently need a swift kick in the bum to actually make this happen.

This year, as I’m working my way through B-School I’m realizing a few things,

  1. My business has changed a lot
  2. My audience has changed a lot

Last year, when I did my ideal customer avatar (if you’ve done B-School you totally get this–if not, it’s basically a loooong ass profile on who you want to work with) I was all gung ho about working with small business owners to create awesome websites for them and I was content to do that all day long. And don’t get me wrong, I love working with these clients! But I’ve mentioned it a million times now, I need my income to be more passive, or at least a big bulk of it.

My business isn’t aligning with the life I want in the future–I mean, it’s fine for now, but I’m running into the problems I had with Indie Gift Box. I loved it, but felt trapped with the monthly schedule. I’m having the same problem with my design business now since even though I can schedule designs around things like vacations–there’s no money coming in during those times. I feel trapped.

Now my audience has started to align a lot better with what I offer (website designs), which it never did before. However, that’s a problem for me now since I’m looking at changing my offerings. So I’ve basically got to re-work and re-structure my whole business in a way that makes sense for my future–you know, when I’ve got screaming kids and can’t be sitting at my computer all day every day doing designs (no, I’m NOT pregnant, I’m talking about a more-distant future, knock on wood). I don’t think I’ll be getting down to a 4-Hour Workweek, but a 15-hour one could be pretty great.

I’ve got some plans in the works–focusing more on designers as my audience. I’d thought about this before, but never made it happen. Now, I’m working on putting together packages that help them run their businesses better, being a place they can direct clients to for training and basic maintenance, and cutting down on the one-on-one projects at least a bit. Design’s not going away, at least not yet, but if these new offerings work out, it might be.

I feel a little sad about that, but I’ve got another plan in the works with some crazy-talented designers, and if that works out I’ll still have plenty of design opportunities.

And to be honest, I’m feeling SUPER PUMPED to work more with designers and meeting their needs–because I’ve been there. My customer avatar came together really quickly this year because I KNOW what I’ve struggled with and what I’ve wished for as a super-solution. And now I can make the lives of other designers easier!

How has your business changed in the past year?

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


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    Woooweee! I’m still working through my ICA, and it’s my first kick at the can, so I’m struggling a bit. Help!

    I’m a firm, but hesitant believer in change. Change is definitely a good thing and it takes you to new places. But it’s scary – which is why we hesitate. Working with designers seems like it could be a great opportunity, especially if you can help them through some of their struggles because you’ve been there before. Don’t be sad about design, it’s one of those things that if you’re passionate about it, you can use it as a form of ‘passive’ income – passive in the sense that you can pick up some clients when opportunities present themselves – when they’re convenient for you and your business, while focusing on your new offerings.

    I agree – you may not get down to a 4 hour work week, but man – if you could get down to 15, that would be amazing! Right now I’m at about 60-70 or so hours a week, but that’s because I’m a workaholic and have a hard time slowing down…If I ever made it down to 15 hours per week, it would be due to some large miracle or winning the lottery :P

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      I know, 15 hours would be AMAZING. That would be, you know, if I switched to a more info-product based business. Still figuring that out, and I’d not probably get to that point for a few years. Right now I may as well do at least some one-on-one stuff since I don’t have anything better to do with my time. haha, but the idea is that I get it set up so that when I DO have kids I just need to blog, write, answer emails, and create new info products instead of being stuck at the computer all day every day. Maybe a few consults or something, but nothing involving weeks and weeks of time at that point.

      And yes, I’d love to work on maybe 6 website designs a year that I’m TRULY into and enjoy doing. I like most websites I do now, but I’d love to be able to be a bit choosier and find those totally AWESOME project that I just get super-psyched about working on!

      Though I’m also a workaholic, so… I’m sure I’d just find other work to fill the hours. hahaha

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    I know what you mean. While my audience hasn’t changed drastically, I’m trying to think up ways to earn passive income. I too would love to be able to limit my design work to only projects I’m absolutely thrilled to work on. And a 15 hour workweek? Sign me up! :)

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      OMG, I just popped on over to your site, and I LOVE what you’ve done to organize your services. Girl, that looks STELLAR!

      But you gotta get some passive income on there too! Maybe write an e-book? You’ve got loads of great articles already you could package up with a few more and BAM! Awesome content. :D

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        Thanks Erin! I am considering writing an ebook. I just have to figure out a topic! And wait… are you serious? I can just package up some already written articles, add a few more and bam, ebook?

        Right now I am attempting to write a short one for my opt-in. I was contemplating doing a theme shop, but now I’m not so sure. Might not be worth it.

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          Yeah, totally. You can do it as a free ebook for your opt-in or add more (unpublished) content and sell it. :) If you want to sell it, maybe take like 5-10 articles with a similar theme and then expand upon them, add complimentary articles, and you’re set! My problem is finding the time–been meaning to do that myself for forever!

          I’m hashing out some details for a theme shop too! It’s a bit complicated with what I want to do–but I’m hoping it’ll help boost my passive income!

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            Awesome! Yeah, time is my problem too. I’ve been putting off my opt-in offer for the past 2 weeks. Maybe I’ll finally get it done this weekend!

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          Totally! You can package up some related posts into an ebook. I’d just spruce them up a bit, maybe add more graphics and some copy that relates them all together and people do pay for that. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that myself.

          This is a GREAT podcast series on blog businesses and starting at episode 35, they talk about your first product. I’d highly recommend listening. http://fizzle.co/show

          LOVE the idea of a theme shop! You girls would be so awesome at that!! And talk about passive income! I’d be happy to show them to my readers for you!

          Erin, awesome girl!! I love that you’re changing things up! Targeting other designers is a great idea! So many don’t know how to actually run their businesses or market so you have a great niche there.

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    It’s a difficult transition, but a necessary one. I’m working on compiling some of my old posts into Ebooks and creating more guides. BTW-Your site is an awesome resource for those of us who are making the leap of faith into entrepreneurship. Thanks for bringing us along on your journey with you!

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