5 Awesome tools to help you rock your small business

Make running your small business easier with these tools

I love sharing products and tools that I use to make running my small business easier. Some of these are free, and some aren’t, but they’re all completely awesome!

Small Business Bodyguard

Look, legal help costs an arm and a leg. And while you still may need to hire a lawyer from time to time, the Small Business Bodyguard will save you thousands of dollars. Full of advice, copy+paste disclaimers, and contract help, this is way more than just an ebook. I’m still working my way through it, but have already gotten to work covering my ass by adding policiesterms & conditions, and disclaimers to my website. If you have a business, you need Small Business Bodyguard.

Genesis Framework

Every website I build is built on the Genesis Framework and I’m so flippin’ in love with it it’s kind of ridiculous. If you’re building your own website, I highly recommend using the Genesis Framework. It’s solid, has great support, the themes are stellar, and it’s got great built-in features like SEO. Whether you use a pre-made theme or design your own to go with it, the Genesis Framework will help you create a great website.

Gravity Forms

Again, if you’re DIYing your WordPress website, I highly recommend you invest in Gravity Forms. These forms can do anything from a simple contact form, to a complex one (look at mine-it seems simple until you start clicking things), to newsletter opt-ins, and even can help you sell downloadable products or book one-on-one sessions!

Inbox Pause

Ever wish you could just STOP all those emails for a few minutes so you can focus on what you actually need to do? Yeah, that was my story until I discovered Inbox Pause. Inbox Pause adds a “pause button” to your Gmail, so you can start and stop your email flow as needed. Typically, I’ll unpause my inbox in the morning, then pause it again so I can work my way through the emails without getting distracted by new ones constantly coming in. And while I’m coding? It’s a lifesaver!


Another awesome addition to Gmail, Streak is great for managing your clients right in your inbox! You can use it for sales, customer support, and a whole lot more! I use mine to keep track of who I’ve sent quotes to, and what stage of development my projects are in. The best part has to be that it puts all relevant files and emails in “boxes” so you don’t have to go hunting through all the emails you’ve exchanged in order to find files–just open the box and all the files are listed neatly on the side. Fantastic!

Have a great small business tool? Share it in the comments!

Note: This post contains affiliate links, so if you purchase some of these items after clicking my links I get a small commission. I do, however, totally dig these products and highly recommend them.


  1. says

    Small Business Bodyguard looks really great! Do you happen to know if you’re allowed to use the copy/paste legal language on all websites/blogs you create? I have a few sites I would like to protect.

    • says

      Do you mean like if you use them for clients? If it’s about the design or something, I don’t see why not. Your work should be protected no matter whose website it’s on.
      If you’re giving copy+paste stuff away to clients for their own use, probably not… You can always email SBB and ask though! HELP@SMALLBUSINESSBODYGUARD.COM :)

  2. says

    I’ve been on the fence for awhile on whether I should use Gravity Forms…. I knew it had some good features, but I wasn’t sure if I actually needed them. But, wow. Your contact form is awesome! It made me realize that I could use it to make my client intake run smoother!

    You should do a post on Streak and go into more detail on how you use it! I’m sure there are a ton of people who would benefit from a post like that :)

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