2013 in Review

2013 in Review // erineflynn.comI actually thought this was going to be a really quick and easy post to put together. I thought I didn’t do much of anything this year since it just flew by… but apparently I did a lot more than I thought. Check it out!

January 2013In January I had officially (legally) been in business for an entire year. I designed Paper Raven Editing and finally bumped my rates to something that seemed reasonable to live off of. I re-capped Christmas, wrote about dealing with being overwhelmed, and chose the word “Focus” as my word for 2013. I also got legally married due to some problems with getting married onboard the cruise we had planned for March.

February 2013February brought some new goal-setting practices,  and a lot of pre-wedding stress. My lawyer clients re-signed their contract to have me host their website, and we threw in some social media management as well. I think this is when B-School started, and I teamed up with two friends to split the cost (we got permission) and finally started getting really serious about my business.

March 2013In March I got married, decided to quit doing Indie Gift Box, and took a break from design work. I also turned 27. Yikes.

April 2013April was a whirlwind of catching-up with design projects and looking for the perfect someone to take over Indie Gift Box since it didn’t fit the life I wanted to live. I picked up a huge project to re-design a health department’s website to start in May and last a few months. I declared that I am NOT my brand, and shared some thoughts about blogging.

May 2013In May I completed the Dirty Girl Run, took some silly outfit photos, and shared the story of my life. I also started this blog and ditched the EEF Etcetera name. I designed the Bellus Designs website and started development on the Saint Mary’s County Health Department’s website.

June 2013June scared readers away with my love of coffee, and I shared my experience of splitting my personal and business blogs from each other. I officially sold Indie Gift Box, shared my experience eating healthy, made a simple sweater/shrug thing, went canoeing, and started my wardrobe project.

July 2013In July I participated in the first Blogilates DietBet and shared my results. I also shared a recipe for paleo banana chocolate chip muffins which I’d like to eat right now. I made some sharpie tie-dye t-shirts which were a lot of fun, but I’m sad to say, don’t hold up too well in the wash. And then I called Miss Indie out for being a liar and a thief. That was scary since I’m pretty much a nobody and she was very popular, but I just couldn’t sit there and let her get away with it. I also wrote about not undercharging for your work. In the design world, I made a header image for Coaching Business Jumpstart, and kept chugging away on the website for the health department.

August 2013August was another busy month; I shared my small business story, invited readers to ask me questions, shared 10 things about me, and wrote about getting clients to pay you what you’re worth. I finally wrapped up the website for Saint Mary’s Health Department after many hours and many training videos. Definitely the biggest project I’ve ever worked on!

September 2013In September I announced that Anthony and I would be moving, shared advice for getting the word out about your business, and started packing up our apartment. We then had a few fun moving adventures that included our apartment complex being dicks, me getting drunk, and living at my parents’ house. I don’t even remember what I worked on this month besides Emily’s website and a header for Ellen, but do recall a mad rush to complete everything before getting out of our apartment.

October 2013October should have been awesome, but we arrived in Denver to an incomplete and unlivable apartment, so we were put up in a hotel. For a month. We did manage to get some hiking in, at Mathews/Winters Park, Dinosaur Ridge, Lookout Mountain, and Mount Falcon, but I was frustrated trying to get any work done in our cramped hotel room and on a terrible internet connection. I shared my thoughts on Etsy’s new “handmade” policies, and started making plans for my e-course.

November 2013In November we were finally able to move into our apartment, and I began actually working on my e-course. Our apartment started slowly coming together with a bunch of Ikea and Craigslist finds. I re-shared my penguin ornament tutorial from my old blog, made a video of handmade items I own and love, and gave some advice on building a portfolio. I enjoyed Thanksgiving with some friends, didn’t blog it, and lived to tell the tale. I worked really hard on my e-course and got ready to launch it, earlier than originally planned.

December 2013December meant chilly (below freezing) weather, Anthony getting a job, and a fun trip to Glenwood Springs. I launched my e-course, and then WordPress immediately came out with an update changing the look of the admin area. Figures. Anthony and I spent Christmas with his family in California, and I welcomed the break. I do have a few photos of our trip, which I may share later. I booked up for designs in January, and am geting ready to kick 2014 in the face!

2013 was a busy, exhausting, frustrating, and yet totally awesome year. I’ve learned SO much this past year about running a successful business (I’m actually making money now!), being married, and juggling everything. I’m sure there’s still a ton more to learn, but I’m starting to settle in to our new life and the routine of running a business, so I’m excited to see what adventures 2014 brings!

How was your year?

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