Designer Interview – Amanda Schoolfield

Designer Interview - Amanda Schoolfield //

Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting with Amanda from My Amanda Design during a live webinar. if you missed it, you’re in luck, because I recorded it so you can watch it now!

Watch the replay

Hope you enjoyed the interview! I had a blast chatting with Amanda. You can give her a visit at My Amanda Design!

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Stop waiting to be ready

Stop waiting to be ready and get started //

As entrepreneurs we often over-plan, spend our days dreaming, and never get around to launching our new business or products because we don’t feel “ready” yet. The truth is, we will never feel ready–there will always be SOMETHING we can change or improve or tweak–so the best thing to do is to get out there and get started, even if we’re not quite ready yet.

Stop what you’re doing and take the first step in whatever you’ve been putting off because you haven’t felt “ready”, whether it be sending an email to someone you admire, contacting a designer about a new website, hiring an accountant to sort out your bookkeeping, making that business plan, launching your product, writing your book, starting a blog, getting your legal ducks in a row*, getting in touch with a photographer for new head shots, or anything else you just “aren’t ready” to do yet because NOW is the time to do it. Stop waiting until you’re ready, and stop putting things off. Do what you need to do, and do it now. Tomorrow never comes.

Today I’m announcing the launch of a new WordPress theme, even though I don’t have a fully-stocked shop yet, I’m not sure I’m sticking with Gumroad for selling, and I haven’t made the videos I wanted to (though there’s a very nice instructional PDF with the theme). Why? Because I know if I keep waiting for everything to be perfect it could be MONTHS before I launch a single theme. But I can always add, tweak, and improve what I put out, so I decided to just do it now and make adjustments as needed. The important thing is to just get started!

Let me know in the comments what YOU did today to take yourself one step closer to your goals!

*Affiliate link to the coolest legal book ever.

Income Report – September

Income Report - September 2014 //

Ugh, September! You were such a busy month, and yet my income is nothing to write home about. Worst. I seriously felt swamped all month, and yet feel like I don’t have much to show for it. I did make some new connections and help some people out, so I suppose not everything needs a monetary value applied to it.

September Income Report

  • Affiliate and Advertising Sales: $0.00
  • Consulting/Mentorship: $397.00
  • Design Work: $0.00
  • Development work: $150.00
  • E-course/Book Sales: $607.62
  • Maintenance Work: $1,175.00
  • Refunds: $0.00

Total: $2,329.62 (before expenses)

What these things mean

Affiliate & Advertising Sales: Affiliate programs I’m a part of (Studio Press, Gravity Forms, etc.), and Google Adsense. I only count this as income AFTER it is deposited in my bank account. I don’t do a ton of affiliate marketing or ads, so sometimes my earnings sit in the program for months before I ever get them. Any earnings listed here are likely an accumulation of several months’ earnings finally being deposited in my bank account.

Consulting/Mentorship: Consult calls and mentorship for designers and small business owners.

Design work: Anything that involves me designing something. A website, header, graphics of any kind, etc.

Development work: Full site development, theme development, etc.

E-Course/Book sales: Sales of my e-course or my book, of course.

Maintenance work: Hosting setup, coding, plugin installations, etc. I lumped these all together because I often do coding/website tweaks as part of clients’ monthly maintenance packages.

Refunds: Money I get back from business expenses that I get refunded on. Like training programs, software, etc. Not really income, but for the sake of the blog post…

September Expense Report

  • Advertising: $0.00
  • Contractors and freelancers: $0.00
  • Domains/Hosting: $9.02
  • Licenses: $39.00
  • Meals and entertainment: $0.00
  • Office expense: $0.00
  • Other expenses: $
  • Paypal Fees: $47.24
  • Training: $29.00
  • Service Fees: $29.92

Total: $154.18

What these things mean

Advertising: Any ads I purchase, to promote my business, blog, and/or specific products or services.

Contractors and freelancers: Anyone I hire to do something for me, or finder’s fees for client referrals.

Domains/Hosting: Any new domains, hosting plans, or renewals. I typically pay for an entire year, not month-to-month, so some months this may be non-existent and others it may be crazy.

Licenses: Plugins, fonts, software, or any other type of licenses for my business or a client websites.

Meals and entertainment: Meetings with clients or to network.

Office expense: Anything I need for my office; furniture, paper, etc.

Other expenses: Filing fees, client gifts, random stuff.

Paypal fees: This one is pretty obvious, don’t you think?

Training: Courses or books to improve my mad skillz and my business.

Service fees: Things like payments to Sellfy, Basecamp, or Passionfruit for using their services.

September 2014 total income: $2,175.44 (before taxes)

Notes: I launched my e-book/swipe file in August and am really pleased with how well it did last month and this month. I believe sales will be tapering off a bit, so I’ve got to continue to find ways to promote it and get it out there.

I fixed a bunch of broken websites this month, and haven’t been paid for them yet.  I need to set up a pre-paid plan for these kinds of things, I think.

How’d you do in September?