September 2014 Goals

September 2014 Goals //

August was definitely a whirlwind month for me with the launch of my e-book. I felt like I blinked and suddenly there was a weeping angel in front of me it was September! Let’s see how I did on August’s goals…

  • Promote my e-book – Yup! 
  • Make a Genesis child theme – Uhm… I started one, hated it, and scrapped it. Whoops.
  • Work on my darn e-course!! – Yes. I did work on it, though I didn’t get the 30-minutes a day I was planning on. I did finish writing module one!

September Goals

  • Continue work on my e-course – I will finish it one day!!!
  • Create a new opt-in for my newsletter – Something that works for small business owners and designers
  • Work on my follow-up kit – To help you stop letting potential clients fall through the cracks!

What are your goals for September?